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Toll Free: 1.800.265.4350
Main Phone: 403.262.7224
Main Fax: 403.266.1138
Acct Fax: 403.232.6651

Red Deer Branch

#3, 7429 – 50 Avenue
Red Deer, AB
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Main Phone: 403.967.0155
Main Fax: 403.266.1138

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There's nothing more important to us then creating a happy customer, and keeping them happy throughout our partnership with them. Our customers, together with our strategic partners, are what make us the best in the business.

Don't take our word for it though, here are some nice messages from just a few of our happy customers.


When you work with CIP Office Technology you get experience, expertise, and unmatched customer service because it's not just about what you buy, it's also about who you buy from views your business. With us, we view you as a life-long partner. That's CIP Document Solutions!



We pride ourselves in providing industry leading customer service to all of our customers. Here are some words directly from them.
  • What started this whole new purchase – the printer that we were going to get fixed – HP Laserjet 8150 needs to go to printer heaven – can you guys arrange this for me. I know I ask a lot – but you always delivery 
    Lorna Lawson, Crescent Point Energy Corp.
  • Our Calgary staff have been calling us to say how happy they are with the new printer. They also mentioned that the old was left behind and are unsure about what to do with it. I don’t know if we have to be concerned about sensitive data in that machine or not or if removal of the old equipment was part of our discussion. Please let me know if this is something you can take care of or if we are to look into recycling the old printer.
    Joanne Ward, MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy
  • Hi Michelle, this item arrived at lunchtime - thank you very much for the speedy service!
    Belinda Thorwaldson, ATCO I-Tek
  • Hi Leigh-Anne, the service guy came this morning. He was awesome. He helped us correct everything. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong! I will let you know if anything comes up. Thanks for fixing the prices for me! If you could send me a new list of prices for our products that would be great! Thanks for all your help and I was very pleased at how quickly you responded to me! That is the type of service I remember from CIP. I really appreciate it!
    Shelley Brown, Amec
Janice M. MacMillanEVRC
Shabir, I would like to personally Thank you for today.. for immediately responding to my phone call, and for lining up a technician to attend to our site as soon as possible. Today was the first “big” print job since we purchased the Sharp 7040 photocopier – a 28-page newsletter to 700+ individuals, so naturally we were looking forward to seeing the 7040 “perform”. As always.. Nilo was very professional & the consonant gentleman… and very quickly attended to, and got the 7040 up and running. Before he left, he took the time to also look at the 7001 in my office, and picked up on a flaw (which we didn’t notice) and quickly remedied this ‘problem’ too. Please pass on our accolades to him, and to your management re: Nilo - and yourself. With respect to the 7040, we had (5) resident volunteers here today who were assisting with the stuffing (mailing) of our community newsletter, and they all commented on the clarity and ‘intense’ color of the newsletters that were printed on our new photocopier. There is definitely a visual difference of the material printed on the 7040 compared to the 7001 (which we thought was excellent too!) Once again.. I (we) really appreciate your immediate attention to our situation. Best Regards...
Lorna Lawson Crescent Point Energy Corp.
What started this whole new purchase – the printer that we were going to get fixed – HP laserjet 8150 needs to go to printer heaven – can you guys arrange this for me. I know I ask a lot – but you always deliver.
Carol AveryShell
Hi Kirstin – I don’t think I emailed back to thank you. I was amazed by how quickly the paper arrived last week. It was here on my floor within an hour I think of this message! I was very impressed, and pleased. What terrific service! Thanks so much!
Joanne WardMH Vicars School of Massage Therapy
Our Calgary staff have been calling us to say how happy they are with the new printer.
Tanya Pitzner, Construction CoordinatorNewWest Custom Homes & Renovations
Hey Kendall, just wanted to thank you for helping us out with that printing last week with such short notice. They looked awesome, and I’m working on 2 more showhomes, so Lindsay will be sending the info over for more to be done. Please pass on a thanks to Andrew as well. Thanks again!!
Richard Pearce, IT Technical ManagerMCAP Service Corporation
Hi Franco and Josh, I just wanted to say a big thank you to your teams for getting our Sharp printers picked up and moved on short notice. We appreciate your flexibility to get this done during our office move. We had your CIP tech on site first thing in the morning on our first day in the new office and he quickly unwrapped and tested the printer to allow us to get to work. Great job and thank you again!
Rosalyn PamintuanCanterra Custom Homes Ltd.
Hello! We just wanted to comment on the exemplary service provided to our company. Nilo took the time to explain what the problem was and took the extra time and effort by returning to our office in the afternoon with the required replacement sensor. Thank you for above-and-beyond professional service! Have a great rest of your week! Kind regards,
Your guys are always very nice & professional when they come also just so you know. Always nice dealing with you guys! Take care & thanks again Terry.

Heather Lauder, Stantec

Design Technologist
Hi, Shabir, Your technician was here this afternoon and upgraded the firmware - now * scanning to network folder works * scanning to email works Mission accomplished: Thank you! Please also tell your tech that he did a great job: quick, helpful, polite and got the job done. Best regards,

Christain Traue, Voxnet

Hi Darryl, wanted to connect the two of you since we have had wonderful service and products with CIP. Just to give you a heads up, up until this point, Glen's group has been outsourcing most or their map production. They are just in the process of bringing this onboard inhouse. They do not have a great idea of the paper products that are available, so this is why I thought this connection is so valuable. Darryl, you and Terry were so helpful when we started, I know Glen could use some of your knowledge!! Thanks!



on your wayin just 3 steps

When you deal with us you deal with a simple process that takes all the guesswork out of what type of device you need. In just 3 simple steps you can have your new equipment on the way!


1. talk to a specialist

When you're ready to get started just jump on the phone or start a chat with one of our product specialists and they'll help you find the right product for your needs.

2. schedule install

After you've placed your order, but often at the same time, we'll schedule a time with you to have your new equipment installed in your office space.

3. setup training

We don't stop helping you just because your order has been placed. We'll take the extra step and setup device training for you and your staff.


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