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CIP Office Technology is a family owned and operated business providing industry leading digital office collaboration, communication, and workflow tools and solutions since 1980.

Next-Gen smart office communication.

Smart office MFP copiers & printers.

Plasmacluster ion air purification technology for every space.

Redefining colloboration in a digital workplace.

Move wide format specialty printing in-house.

Get your print jobs printed right.

Printing efficiencies in a digital workplace.

Smart office shredders & Cutters

Get your message out anywhere and anytime!

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ENVY VoIP Cloud Communications

ENVY by CIP Office Technology is our custom VoIP cloud communications solution built from the ground up for small and medium sized businesses.

Locally Hosted. Locally Supported.
100% CIP Office Technology.

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Grab a read of our latest news from around the industry, hot how-to tips from Mr Copier, or pro tips from our expert staff.

how to remote print with papercutRead more +04 January 2021 By aa-newprodigy1 in Douglas' Favourites, Hot Topics

How To Remote Print With PaperCut

PaperCut print management software is a business critical tool that not only helps minimize waste, but also ensures productivity from the office or at home. When it comes to remote printing, it is the go-to tool for business.
pro tip - work from homeRead more +04 December 2020 By aa-newprodigy1 in Douglas' Favourites, Hot Topics

Pro Tip – Productivity While Working From Home

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has more people fine tuning their work from home and their work from home and office routine. Here are some pro tips on staying productive.
telephone pro tip - failoverRead more +07 October 2020 By aa-newprodigy1 in Douglas' Favourites, Hot Topics

Pro Tip – Telephone Failover

Telephone failover ensures that your critical business calls are never gone unanswered due to an unexpected phone service outage.

"Excellent service, friendly staff, and the best vibe going for any business!" - Derwyn Costinak

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Shredders & Cutters

Today's smart office needs to employ both digital and analog security measures while still enhancing productivity and minimizing costs.

Our lineup of shredders and cutters does both like the Ideal.MBM DestroyIt 4005 Shredder!

"We’ve been using CIP for the past 4 years. We just had a contract renewal and the new contract came in cheaper and it was a newer bigger and better printer. Customer service is outstanding, we highly recommend this company." - Kelly Fonda

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers

As the world gets back to work it is critical that every business takes steps to safeguard the health of their customers, staff, and vendors.

Sharp's Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for cleaning the air in any office space from mold, bacteria, dust, odors, and viruses!

"These guys give you a great way to improve your reliability and up-time, at the same costs or even savings!"

Meet The Avaya Collaboration Tools

You're busy, always on the go which means you need a business collaboration solution that's right there with you, wherever you are, or whatever device you're using.

Get all of that and much more with our Avaya collaboration tools designed for any sized business.