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CIP Office Technology's Accessibility Services Group is dedicated to addressing our customers’ individual accessibility needs.

As part of CIP Office Technology's ongoing commitment toward fulfilling the goal of the Accessible Canada Act, which is, to make Canada barrier-free by January 1, 2040, CIP Office Technology has created an evolving Accessibility Plan. This plan is being developed through consultations with persons with disabilities, and is open to all employees, customers, and any member of the public that would like to participate.

CIP Office Technology invites you to consider participating by filling in our survey or providing general feedback through our feedback form. Your feedback will help us to build upon our existing Accessibility Plan to address, remove, and prevent barriers for persons with disabilities.

All feedback will be tracked and addressed as part of the process for developing our Accessibility Plan.

Accessibility Plan

Please download the CIP Accessibility Plan, or scroll down for alternative access.

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