New Sharp Models come with Adobe Embedded Print Engine

Using the Adobe Embedded Print Engine, Sharp MFP's provide next-generation print speed, Pantone color quality and rendering accuracy all while eliminating the need for costly Fiery Controllers.

Did you know that all the latest models Sharp MX-3071, MX4071, MX-5071 and MX-6071 MFPs are the only copiers with the new Adobe Embedded Print Engine. This allows direct printing of PDF files from a variety of sources with greater performance and rendering accuracy. PDF remains one of the most commonly shared and used document formats in the world and is frequently used in mobile working and PDF workflow environments, which is why getting the best print accuracy and performance is crucial.

The Adobe Embedded Print Engine is the next-generation print Raster Image Processor – RIP technology that provides users with greater accuracy and performance when directly printing PDF files from the company network, or from mobile devices, from cloud storage, or even from portable USB drives.

The engine is based on the same core technology present in Adobe’s current creative applications and Adobe Acrobat DC, resulting in printers powered by it delivering superior print colour quality and faster print processing times. It seamlessly allows users to take advantage of the latest rendering, font and graphic engine from Adobe, so that even non-compliant PDFs achieve the best print quality possible.

The Adobe Embedded Print Engine ensures that the new generation of Sharp MFPs accurately represent colours on printed paper by taking advantage of ICC profiles, which correct defines the gamut of colours used as defined by the International Color Consortium -ICC.

The Sharp copiers with Adobe Embedded Print Engine eliminates the need for costly Fiery Controllers to manage colour accurately for most users.

If you’re looking to increase productivity in your business, the Sharp MX-3071, MX4071, MX-5071 and MX-6071 MFPs have the power, efficiency and flexibility to meet the needs of your workgroups. If you would like more information, please contact CIP Office Technology for a demonstration in our Calgary showroom.


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