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steve mcqueen award
Sharp has taken home the coveted Steve McQueen Award for technical excellence and outstanding customer service for 2022!
The new Sharp Advanced Series colour printers take organizations to the future of business communication by helping them work simply smarter.
The new Sharp Advanced & Essentials Series MFP printers includes a total of 6 models that cover any work environment and any productivity need.
Sharp Hyakuman Kai Dealer Awarded
We are so pleased to brag about being awarded the Hyakuman Kai Dealer Award from Sharp Canada because this means we have a whole pile of happy customers!
Get Your Free COVID-19 Guide for Cleaning Office Equipment
Get our free COVID-19 guide to help keep your office equipment clean and your staff and customers safe and healthy as Alberta gets back to work.
Windows Collaboration Display Highlights
Sharp’s new top of the line visual solutions display, the product of a partnership with Microsoft and Foxconn, recently became available in Canada.
Sharp Canada recently launched the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, a 4K Ultra HD display solution designed to improve teamwork.

Top Reasons to Buy Sharp

An overview of why Sharp MFP's offer the best technology in the industry!

Adobe Embedded Engine

The Adobe Embedded Print Engine is the next-generation print Raster Image Processor – RIP technology that provides users with greater accuracy and performance when directly printing PDF files from the company network, or from mobile devices, from cloud storage, or even from portable USB drives.