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Windows Collaboration Display Highlights
Sharp’s new top of the line visual solutions display, the product of a partnership with Microsoft and Foxconn, recently became available in Canada.
Sharp Canada recently launched the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, a 4K Ultra HD display solution designed to improve teamwork.

Top Reasons to Buy Sharp

An overview of why Sharp MFP's offer the best technology in the industry!

Adobe Embedded Engine

The Adobe Embedded Print Engine is the next-generation print Raster Image Processor – RIP technology that provides users with greater accuracy and performance when directly printing PDF files from the company network, or from mobile devices, from cloud storage, or even from portable USB drives.
Every month we feature a previously loved piece of office technology that is up for adoption. Keep an eye out for our "Adoption Focus" posts for the perfect place to find incredible deals on devices ranging from MFP copiers, HP printers, and Sharp Aquos whiteboards.
The Sharp Aquos Board – 4K Interactive Display System produces stunning Ultra-HD resolution reproducing your content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of color and detail.
New Sharp Colour MFP Series - MX3071, MX3571, MX4071 - Look how the best technology can be used to create performance and reliability for today’s workplace.
Vertical trimmer cuts processing time by up to 20% and it's only found on the new HP DesignJet Z6 and DesignJet Z9 PostScript Printers.

Sharp MFP Stapleless Stapling

The next generation of Sharp colour MFP copier's, A3/A4 break new ground in office efficiency and productivity and are designed to help reduce costs and optimize workflows. They're secure, versatile and environmentally friendly with a range of smart technology features including manual and stapleless stapling.