Cloud phone solutions

We all know efficient, effective communication is critical in the workplace but until the cloud came along, the top tools were not always available for every size business or every sized workgroup.

Now, thanks to incredible innovations in cloud-based technology, next-gen communication tools are available to any business, of any size, and all workgroups for extremely affordable pricing.

Starting with the most core of communication tools - phone systems - our cloud-based phone systems will not only provide reliable, high fidelity, anywhere-access commuication among your staff, but you'll also reduce the hit your budget takes by leveraging our cloud-based phone systems.

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Meet Our Cloud Phone Solutions

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ENVY by CIP Office Technology is our custom VoIP cloud communications solution built from the ground up for small and medium sized businesses.
Locally Hosted. Locally Supported.
100% CIP Office Technology.

Avaya Calling for Microsoft Teams

avaya callingAvaya Calling for Microsoft Teams is an application that seamlessly integrates Avaya calling into Microsoft Teams. Avaya Calling for Microsoft Teams uses Avaya Workplace Client for call control and call handling.

Avaya Cloud Office

avaya callingAvaya Cloud Office places you in control of your communications and delivers a unified communications experience that is intuitive to use and accessible from a phone, a browser, or any mobile device.

Avaya OneCloud

avaya callingThe Avaya OneCloud IX Workplace solution in what's called a Public Delivery model, allows you to access a cloud-based contact center and unified communications software applications.