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Today's smart digital office is not simply about buying the next, best thing to put in your office. No, it is about the interconnectivity of your people so that they can do their jobs with the utmost effeciency thereby leading to enhanced productivity and competitive advantages.

Our smart office collaboration services and tools have been strategically designed to fit together so that workgroups and businesses of any size can take advantage of key collaboration best-practices, thereby making productivity and efficiency a part of the day-to-day operations - things just work the right way.

Implementing the right collaboration tools for your staff not only makes their jobs easier, but will give them a competitive advantage as they work every day to outdue the competition.

Meet Our Strategic Collaboration Tools

Sharp Digital Whiteboards

Sharp Aquos Digital Whiteboards are not just interactive display systems, but also productivity and collaboration tools.

Our whiteboard systems shine in a variety of roles and locations. Virtual every business group will benefit from this next-level collaboration tool by making presentations stand out over the competition, by allowing for multi-media, interactivity which is rememebered by the audience.

Not only are our Sharp Digital Whiteboards a powerful meeting tool, they can also be used to engage and inform people in stores, museums, showrooms and other public spaces.

Avaya Collaboration

Take collaboration and productivity to new levels with our Avaya collaboration tools.

With Avaya IX Workplace and IX Spaces you can give your employees a single app for calling, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration — all with the same ease of use they get from their personal apps.

As you cut the complexity, you'll reduce the security risks and productivity drain from having multiple solutions in your workplace.

Avaya is a leader in Unified Communications solutions.

Joan Conference Booking

Simply put, Joan is the most effecient solution for managing meeting rooms, optimizing your conference room use, and displaying relevant meeting space information where you need it the most.

With Joan 6 and Joan 13 you have two options to add intelligent meeting space collaboration to your office. From Real-time booking, to hot-desking, to large conference room, boardroom, and even lobby management.

Joan seamlessly integrates with your office calendar. No additional knowledge and skills are needed to use the device. One of our Joan's will be a fit for you.