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Today's smart digital office workgroup copy and print environments are not the slow, red-tape-heavy, overhead and productivity sink holes that they used to be.

Now, MFP copiers and printers are an integral part of the overall office productivity ecosystem. MFP copiers can increase workgroup productivity through integrated software solutions, print management services, and of course, placing the right hardware in the right space so that both copy / print capacity and budget are optimially accounted for.

In addition, the smart digital office MFP copier workforce is now fully connected to the backbone of the office network, making them faster, more user-friendly, and feature-rich than ever before.

However, that also means that network security must extend out to the MFP copier / printer workforce otherwise entire networks can be left at risk for sensitive data compromise.

With today's Sharp and Lexmark products, we ensure that everyone from IT professionals to office managers are using secured MFP copiers / printers.

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