When evaluating the cost of purchasing low cost box-store desktop printers don't forget about the total cost of ownership. You might be surprised at just how much your paying.

Total Cost of Ownership

At first glance, the sticker price of a box-store desktop printer might seem very attractive, but don’t be fooled by the low hardware cost. An accurate cost assessment should take into account the total cost of ownership, which factors in ink / toner and printer maintenance.

When total cost of ownership is taken into consideration, meaning you are not only accounting for the cost of the desktop printer but also the cost of the ink / toner plus service / maintenance, then you start to see the true cost of desktop printers. In fact, the actual cost of desktop printer output is always greater than 8 cents per b/w page and 25 cents per colour page, and sometimes much more depending on coverage! Plus, don’t forget that every logo, chart, graph, or graphic adds to your cost-per-print.

As you would expect, printer manufacturers rate their cartridge yields based on testing conditions that are favorable to them. Most published cartridge yields are based upon cartridges running continuously through a printer, only stopping to reload paper as needed.

If you dig deep into the ISO (International Standards Organization) rule book – this is the governing body behind cartridge yield testing – you’ll see that the cartridges tested are often removed and shaken up to two times in an effort to get every bit of toner out.

Problem is, this doesn’t happen in the real world. In the real world the printer triggers an alarm that ink / toner is low and so we change that ink / toner.

 Published Toner Coverage Just 5%

Here’s the really shocking news though. Guess what percentage of page coverage is used to calculate the published page yield of a print cartridge? Just 5.0%!

That’s right, just 5.0%. Wondering what 5.0% toner coverage looks like? Imagine taking a black marker and coloring in the corner of a letter size piece of paper representing what you believe to be just 5.0% of the total area. It isn’t much, and less than you think.

On the low side, most offices tend to print 10% to 15% coverage on black and white documents, and 15% to 30% coverage on colour documents. Of course, based on 5.0% published page yields, even printing just 10% coverage in black and white will double your cost-per-page, while colour becomes four times more expensive because you’re using toner from four different toner cartridges to produce your document, and if you’re producing professional documents then you know you’re going to be printing in colour.

While there can be some fluctuations among different industries for average toner coverage, organizations like Retail, Healthcare, Education, Financial, Graphic Arts, Engineering, Construction, or Energy tend to have higher than normal toner coverage because their printed documents tend to include more visual information, print more test prints, and distribute to more destinations.

Combine these variables with the generally low quality output of the typical desktop printer, and it’s like you’re throwing your toner all over your printer!

Solve the Total Cost of Ownership Issue for Desktop Printers

A better alternative is to forget the purchase price and move to a fully managed, high quality desktop printer from Lexmark.

Managed print services now includes desktop printers from Lexmark, provided by CIP. Our significantly lower fixed cost-per-page printing and full warranty coverage that includes all toner, service, parts and labour, drives your total cost of ownership down, while minimizing the type of down time that crushes productivity.

CIP remotely manages the Lexmark device, replenishes toner when it is needed so you never run out, and provides on-site service within 2 hours of your call during regular business hours!


Holiday Sale – Hurry, Sale Ends December 31, 2018 on Select Lexmark Desktop Printers

Take advantage of our Lexmark holiday sale and get a brand new Lexmark XC2235 or XC4140 for an outstanding lease and cost-per-print when plugged into a CIP Blanket Service Agreement.

Lexmark XC2235

The multifunction Lexmark XC2235 builds on output at up to 35 pages per minute for colour print, copy, scan, and fax.

  • Lease Term: 48 months
  • Monthly Payment: $73.00
  • B/W Cost-per-Print: $0.025
  • Colour Cost-per-Print: $0.11
  • Includes all toner, servcie, parts, and labour.

Lexmark XC4140

The multifunction Lexmark XC4140 builds on output at up to 40 pages per minute for colour print, copy, scan, and fax.

  • Lease Term: 48 months
  • Monthly Payment: $96.92
  • B/W Cost-per-Print: $0.025
  • Colour Cost-per-Print: $0.11
  • Includes all toner, servcie, parts, and labour.


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