Digital Signage - Interactive Displays

Digital signage and interactive displays get your message out anywhere and anytime for an amazing cost-value ratio and incredible customer engagement!

Looking to make a splash visually? Digital Signage solutions are the new cornerstone in outbound marketing communications, and with digital signage and interactive displays you have the ability to instantly update content anywhere, anytime so you maximize your messaging and optimize customer engagement.

With dynamic content you immediately draw more attention to your message, and now you can add interactivity by using touchscreen technology in a kiosk or interactive display.

We provide an integrated lineup of digital signage products and services that can be tailored to meet any organization's budget and requirements. Using our knowledge and experience ensures you receive the highest standard in hardware and software solutions, design, installation, service, and support.

Feature Overview

With our digital signage and interactive displays you get a host of business critical features that ensure easy management and maximum customer engagement.

Cloud-based access

At the heart of our digital signage is an easy to use cloud service that gives you all the tools you need to manage your digital signage programming. Whether utilizing a full screen or multi-zone design, a clean playlist format provides a clear view of your scheduled content.

Content scheduling

Digging deeper you'll find the settings you need to specify when and where each and every piece of your content is played. Set constraints for calendar date, days of the week, and time of day right down to individual device selection.

Media support

Our gallery gives you a straight forward interface for uploading and organizing the media you create or already have. Support is provided for various media formats including the most common video and image files (MPEG, MOV, WMV, BMP, PNG, JPEG etc).

Feeds & data

A selection of dynamic data for your programming needs comes standard like news, weather, and sports. You can also provide external data using RSS feeds or Twitter.