Document Management


  • Square 9 Softworks
  • Yakidoo

The primary medium of business operations in the historic office was paper and paper-based processes. This created hugely inefficient, but necessesary, workflow processes just to keep track of all the documents produced by day-to-day operations, mining and pulling out usable data from those processes was virtually impossible, if not unafordable.

That has all changed with recent advancements in software, cloud-based technologies, and document management hardware. Now, there is a new way of document management that not only allows business units to capture, process, and classify data in a usable, effecient manner, but this strategic business technology is now available to any size business at a reasonable price.

Meet Our Document Management Solutions

Square 9 Softworks

There’s a world of information in your documents. With our integration of the Square 9 Softworks suite of document management software solutions we can enable you to capture, extract, and classify that information, transforming it into usable intelligence that lets you work smarter, faster, and more productively.

With Square 9 you’ll experience a suite of document management solutons that provide business efficiencies on a brand new level.


Yakidoo is the leading data capture, enterprise content management and process automation provider in the world. Combine that with our world class integration and implementation services and you'll turn your data into meaningful information you never knew you had.

With Yakidoo three critical solution options, you'll be able to create advantages by eliminating capital expenses for document management software, create an on-demand and scalable data management solution, all while providing your employees access anywhere, anytime.