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Secure and effective video conferencing and collaboration with Avaya Spaces is the industry standard for meetings. Begin your FREE 90-day trial.
Smart building management helps ensure the success of a meeting space and the productivity of the people who use it.
Windows Collaboration Display Highlights
Sharp’s new top of the line visual solutions display, the product of a partnership with Microsoft and Foxconn, recently became available in Canada.

Sceptre Telecom Analysis Offer

Let Sceptre Communications' telecom expertise save you money with a complimentary telecom analysis.

Wine and Technology Festival 2020

The CIP and Sceptre 2020 Wine and Technology festival was a major success.
According to the Chinese Zodiac - 2020 is the year of the Golden Rat. A two-week celebration of food and family starts on January 25, 2020 and we've got all the details for you so you can celebrate in style.
Press Release: CIP Office Technology, Western Canada’s leading provider of office technology solutions, announced the acquisition of Sceptre Communications Inc
Sharp Canada recently launched the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, a 4K Ultra HD display solution designed to improve teamwork.

Top Reasons to Buy Sharp

An overview of why Sharp MFP's offer the best technology in the industry!