Dream Date With A Touchscreen

The revolutionary Sharp Microsoft WCD is now available for demonstration in the CIP Showroom. Book your Dream Date and get a one-on-one demo today!

It's A Collaboration Revolution

Prepare yourself for a collaboration revolution with the Sharp Microsoft Windows Collaboration Display (WCD).

With a 70" interactive touchscreen display, built-in microphone, and IoT sensor hub, this collaboration platform is designed to not only make your business meetings as efficient as possible, but will also eliminate the associated setup stress (presentation setup stress).

Presentation setup stress is a thing of the past thanks to a high-speed USB-C cable connection. Simply connect your laptop for high-speed, high-bandwidth data transfer including 4K video, internet network and application data. In addition, wireless casting allows Windows and Android devices to screen share for presentation.

We spend a lot of time in meetings and environmental factors play a large part in how productive they can be. The Sharp Microsoft WCD uses its suite of IoT sensors to monitor a range of environmental factors in your meeting space such as temperature, humidity, ambient light, and even air quality to help you ensure ideal conditions for maximum meeting productivity.


Plus, the WCD works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and is Skype for Business certified, offering the highest-quality audio and video possibe while providing the best way to connect and collaborate at room scale.

Book Your Dream Date

Allow us to send you a luxurious town car to pick you up so you can enjoy a fabulous lunch at CIP World Headquarters, followed by an amazing walk-through of the office technology of your dreams, in this case, the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display (WCD).

Plus, just for taking the test drive you will also receive a $75 gift certificate to The Keg Steakhouse to complete your dream date.

Take a moment to complete our Dream Date booking form and we'll get your dream date lined up for you in no time!