Smart building management helps ensure the success of a meeting space and as such the productivity of the people who use it. We spend a lot of time and money on meetings and with a little intelligent technology, we can get them right.

Many factors can affect the success of a meeting space and therefore the productivity of the people who use that space but environmental factors such as temperature and air quality actually form the foundation of any successful meeting space.

There is a wealth of academic research that shows the significant impact of environmental conditions on our performance at work, and indoor environmental conditions affect performance in the general office space and meeting rooms. Variables like temperature, air quality, and lighting affect general health, well-being, performance, mood alertness, and motivation of employees.

Further, studies have repeatedly shown that uncomfortable conditions can adversely affect the performance of typical work activities, for example, concentration, creativity, ability to perform mental arithmetic, reading tasks, and of course, attention span.

Smart Building Management Helps

As well as including a host of features to improve teamwork, the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) is the first display system to include smart sensors that measure temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality levels, and even potentially the number of occupants in a meeting room.

Sharp Windows Collaboration Display (WCD)

The display along with the integrated Sharp Synappx™ Workspaces Intelligence platform provide you with a dashboard of environmental data that has't been possible before within such a technically straightforward and cost effective boardroom solution.

The Sharp Windows WCD is designed to be the ideal collaboration platform. Make smarter meetings with the plug-and-play USB-C connection or wireless screen casting, or by making use of collaboration tools like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, or Skype for Business.

Make smarter buildings with the WCDs environmental sensors to ensure the ideal lighting, temperature, humidity, and air quality is in place for every meeting. Give your business smarter insight through cloud-based analysis of meeting assets and facility resources.

That's how smart building management improves office collaboration and wellness.


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