Introducing Our Top-10 Random Top-10's

A new featured that we're excited to run is our Top-10 lists of random topics, to be featured on the iconic CIP street sign and on

We're not sure anyone loves to debate a good top-10 topic more than us folks, in fact, we love it so much that we've taken it to a whole new level and made it an ongoing event!

To showcase our top-10 lists, and to share with the world, we'll be revealing one item from our featured top-10 each week or so using our iconic street sign found outside our office along 11th Avenue SW, on social media, and on our vintage website at

Our first list is already posted and features the top-10 westerns all time and we're now into list number 2, top mob films of all time, as selected by our panel of self-proclaimed movie experts, CIP owners and leaders, and general local legends, Robb and Douglas!


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