Joan Conference Booking


  • Real-Time Booking
  • Hot Desking
  • Custom Content
  • Touchscreen
  • Joan 6 or Joan 13

A new era of workplace transformation is upon us. Joan is the simplest solution for managing meeting rooms, optimizing your conference room use, and displaying relevant information where you need it the most.

Rapid advancements in office technology enable dynamic working modes, increasing flexibility, collaboration, and connectivity. Joan devices stick to any clean surface with a magnetic mount. Completely wireless, without cables or installation costs.

Joan seamlessly integrates with your office calendar. No additional knowledge and skills are needed to use the device.

Advanced Wi-Fi encryption and the thin client device setup ensure that all Joan devices comply with the highest security standards.

Meet The Two Joan's

Joan 6

For meeting rooms, huddle spaces, desks, office pods.

  • Real-Time Booking: This functionality utilizes the touch capabilities of the device to provide a complete meeting room booking solution by allowing you to book the resource on the spot, reserve it for a later time or check the availability of it with a timetable.
  • Hot-Desking: Hot-desking is a Joan 6 exclusive functionality that eliminates all the frills and provides a simple interface for booking resources on the spot, such as desks and huddle spaces.

Joan 13

For large conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies.

  • Room Grid: Provides an overview of up to 9 room resources, by displaying information about the current occupancy state of each room, it’s location and room name, and the time until the occupancy state changes.
  • Team Grid: Provides an overview of up to 9 resources, by displaying the availability of your co-workers, if they are in a meeting and what it is about, and when they will be available.
  • Schedule Board: Provides information about the current and up to six following meetings/calendar events for any single resource.