New Premium Big Pad Series Interactive Displays By Sharp

The new Superior Super Premium Platinum Gold Level 5-star Happy Face (totally a real thing) Sharp PNL652, PNL752, and PNL852 Premium Big Pad Series Precision Touch Interactive Displays are here – Collaboration Redefined with wireless sharing.

The new PNL2B series features the PNL652, PNL752, and PNL862. You won't understand how your business ever functioned without one!

The PNL2B AQUOS BOARD® range of smart interactive displays combines genuine “4K reading and writing” and an intuitive Sharp Pen-on-Paper® user experience with Zero Bonding and Sharp’s PrecisionTouch technology. The single USB-C connector makes it so simple to walk into a room, plug in your device and start working together straightaway. The PNL2B AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays also feature an integrated controller with whiteboard, overlay and wireless functionality to help enhance your productivity.


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