Print Releaf Program


  • Over 3100 Trees Reforested
  • Over 26 Million Pages Offset
  • 8 Major Reforestation Projects
  • Reforesting Since 2018

Trees are the lungs of the planet and need to be protected and replaced and with your help, we have planted over 1700 trees in just one year! Thank you for your support of this incredibly important program.

Trees are highly advanced and effective solar powered machines. They scrub vast quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, produce life sustaining oxygen, protect the water in streams and rivers, prevent soil erosion, manufacture a biodegradable building material, and even self produce. They're also fun to climb!

300 years ago it was estimated that there were six trillion trees on the planet. Today there is half that many - about three trillion.

Help us replant the trees that we use. It takes 10 years to grow a pulp tree 12 inches in diameter and 40 feet tall. That pulp tree produces only 8,333 pieces of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper which is less than two cartons, but you can replace the trees you use for 1/10th of a cent per page that you produce through our partnership with the Print Releaf program. We automatically replant a tree for every 8,333 pages consumed.

You get to select the reforestation project that you wish to participate in and we provide you with a link for you to track your individual tree planting progress. You can publish this link internally or share it externally on your website.

Call us – when a tree falls in the forest ... we plant a new one!

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