You Print One. We'll Plant One.

The response to our PrintReleaf launch in July 2018 has been amazing! We have signed on a number of customers to our tree reforestation program. A total of 37 trees will be planted for our customers that signed up for July! Remember, once you have signed up for our PrintReleaf program - using our existing tracking tools - we will monitor your print use. We will provide you with a dashboard to track your progress and select your reforestation project. Each time you print 8,333 pages we will plant a tree at your selected reforestation project. We will provide you with a certification along with ongoing verification. Contact us if you want to join us in replacing the trees you consume. Low cost - only .001 added to your monthly cost per copy.

Automatic. Precise. Verified

Introducing the new CIP solution to count, track, and replant every tree that you use - PrintReleaf.

Using our existing tracking tools on our incredibly smart Sharp copiers, we produce a customized dashboard for your company and when you print 8,333 sheets, we plant a tree through PrintReleaf to replace them!

For a very low cost -- .001 per copy -- you can do your part to help the environment through reforestation. This can be simply added to your monthly CIP cost per copy invoice.

You select the specific reforestation project and we publish the results on your customized PrintReleaf dashboard to track your progress.

You can then share your data internally with your employees, or externally to the public, your stakeholders, or and partners so they know you're doing your part.

 Certification and Verification

You are provided with certification that is third party verified by SGS International.

SGS International is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. They certify PrintReleaf Global Forestry Partners and lead field audits across our network of projects to verify 100% net survival of our forests.

You can share the positive impact you have on the forests around the world through awareness and social marketing.


When you're ready to take the next step we're just a click away. Simply start a chat and one of our specialists will get you on your way.