Pro Tip - Productivity While Working From Home

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has more people fine tuning their work from home and their work from home and office routine.

4.7 million people working from home

According to Stats Canada, 4.7 million people began working from home at the start of the crisis in April. Nearly three quarters of them are still working from home and most of the remainder are utilizing a hybrid work from home / work from office.

Surveys suggest that most of the new remote employees would prefer to continue working from home indefinitely.

It seems like we will all need to ascertain when to work and where to work. We will need to make sure when working remotely that we are productive while maintaining balance. It is important to create boundaries between work and personal life.

We will need to consider office equipment, career development, training opportunities, building relationships with colleagues and networking for business opportunities. Working remotely, particularly working from home most of the time will require solutions to these issues.

Some Pro Tips For Working From Home

For those of us not used to working remotely, remaining productive can be a challenge. Our offices are set up for work and team interactions that nudge us toward productivity. Our remote workplaces (for example, our homes) often lack these same cues and supports.

As such, it is important that we use personal and team strategies to remain productive. These strategies are often not different than those we use in the office; however, they may require extra effort, discipline, and creativity when working remotely.

Here are some examples of steps you and your teams can consider that will help you remain productive:

Get a multi-function desktop printer for your home.

Copy, print, fax and scan at your home office or like me – your dining room table. CIP Office Technology has two models that are available on a month-to-month rental basis. Full function, small size that will increase your productivity and level of professionalism.

Maintain Regular Hours

Set your work schedule and stick to it. Having a routing with a start and stop will increase productivity and maintain a harmonious work-life balance. A great benefit of remote work is flexibility. Sometimes you will need to extend your day or start early. When that happens – be sure to reward yourself by ending your day a little earlier on Friday or sleep in an extra half hour the next morning.

Set Ground Rules

Let you family or your roommates know your schedules, expectations, and rules. Minimize interruptions and background noise. Be clear and concise with your needs. If you have children who come home from school during your work-day, it is important they have clear guidance on the does and don’ts as well as why it is important. They will understand.

Schedule Breaks

Know your organizations policy on break times and be sure to take them. Give yourself adequate time during the day away from your computer screen and cell phone. Put it down, take a full lunch hour and at least two 15 minute breaks. Schedule a remote virtual break with a fellow remote colleague to shoot the breeze, talk about the hockey game, your kids or gossip about the neighbors.

Get out of the house

My father used to tell me to "get outta the house, get some fresh air and blow the stink off you." Sage advice indeed. Get outside, sit on your porch. Walk around the block. Take in some deep breaths of fresh air. Get some natural light while enjoying the warmth and vitamin D from the sun.

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