Pro Tip - Telephone Failover

As technology develops, communication becomes more rapid, business and work from home environments proliferate, customers are more and more demanding immediate answers to questions and requests. Your telephone service is increasing crucial to meeting their expectations.

Telephone failover ensures that your critical business calls are never gone unanswered due to an unexpected phone service outage.

Expect and plan for outages

Despite the best efforts of your business, your telephone system, and your dial tone provider, problems do arise.

Phone system maintenance, equipment failure, moving an office, a power outage, dropped internet, inclement weather, or random act of life like a moving truck backing into a power pole (ahhh yeah - this happened to us last year) can all disrupt telephone service.

All organizations depend upon telephone communication to conduct business on a day-to-day basis. Without uninterrupted telephone service you could be looking at the loss of a lot of money, maybe a critical customer opportunity, or even cause a failure to deal with an emergency in a timely manner should an extended outage occurs.

Since it is impossible to prevent all outages, businesses should focus on preparing for outages and mitigating the potential damage that could be done with automatic call failover.

Reroute calls

Automatic call failover helps a business immediately reroute calls in the event a telephone number is temporarily out of service.

With failover strategies in place such as temporarily rerouting calls, calls can be automatically sent to another office, a cell phone, an auto-attendant, or a voice mail system. This strategy allows your business to still manage calls during an outage rather than your main line ringing out of service.

Because the temporary rerouting occurs automatically and stops when service is restored, customers never know they are being forwarded to another location, and you never miss out on a critical customer call.

always test

Once in place, always test your failover strategy. For instance, what happens to your calls when your phone system is unplugged?

The cell phone that it was previously forwarded to may no longer be functioning as is often the case with staff-turnover. Always test.

CIP Office Technology can help to ensure you never miss an important call by putting a telephone failover strategy in place. For more information please start a live chat with one of our agents.

Definition: Failover

fail – o - ver [fail-oh-ver]


A method of protecting telephone numbers from ringing out of service, in which all calls can automatically be redirected to an alternate number during a system failure.

telephone pro tip - failover