How does your office phone and internet bill compare to the industry standard? Let our expertise save you money!

At Sceptre Communications, we see a lot of telco bills. While most providers focus on cookie-cutter solutions, we take time to dig into the details and identify cost savings wherever they may be.

Our comprehensive telecom review ensures your business isn’t paying more than necessary for your telecom solution.

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Call centre agents at major phone and internet companies are paid more when YOU pay more! Our motivation is to design the right solution at the best price and become your long term, trusted telecom advisor.

Examples of savings we found for our clients:

  • A small, local law firm worked with ­­us to reduce their telco bill from $800 per month, to $450. Then in 2018, when technology changed, we took them from $450 to $150 with the addition of simple software.
  • A 50-person accounting firm was using a very old phone system. By installing new technology, we reduced their Shaw bill by $400 per month. These savings paid the lease of the new equipment every month.
  • When a dental office had us review their bill, we found a mistake that had been billed for 10 years, since their office was first established. Telus wrote them a cheque for $9200.

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Sceptre Communications Inc. is a trusted and certified Avaya, RingCentral, Allworx and Shaw Business Partner. Providing smart business solutions through innovative voice telecommunications and data technology across Alberta since 1998.

For further information please contact – Melissa Jones – Manager of Unified Communications – at or 403-541-2532.


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