Sharp Aquos 4TB70CT1U Whiteboard

On Sale Now - $8,799 or lease for 36 months for just $284.03

The Sharp Aquos 4TB7OCT1U Touchscreen Monitor comes with a 3-year warranty, CPU, Avaya CU360 camera / sound bar, wireless keyboard, and mouse with mount and includes installation.

Regular price $11,546.67 / On Sale - $8,799.00. Lease for 36 months for $284.03 – only one left at this price!

Product Overview

Make communications more engaging with a large format interactive display.

Looking for a powerful, yet affordable solution to make your classrooms and meeting rooms interactive? The Sharp Aquos 4TB70CT1U is a perfect solution for those in search of a large format display that brings interactivity to any room.

Plug and Play will let you unleash the interactive capabilities of your devices with easy setup and without the need to install drivers. Precise 20 point multi-touch functionality allows multiple people to collaborate effectively and creatively to facilitate effective learning.

A powerful RS-232C and LAN command set enables flexible remote control from connected devices. When selected, “Public Mode” prevents unwanted operations by people in a classroom or any other public location.

Just one left in stock at this price.


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