Sharp Hyakuman Kai Dealer Awarded - Time To Brag!

We don't often pump our own tires but when we do, it's because we've gone ahead and done something goooooooodddd! Real Good!!

We are so pleased to brag about being awarded the Hyakuman Kai Dealer Award from Sharp Canada for 2020, Sharp's most prestigious award for dealer excellence, because this means we have a whole pile of happy customers!

The reason we love this recognition so much is because it is a reflection of our immeasurable commitment to providing the best experience possible for our customers. That positive experience we provide to our customers translates into referral after referral, which is an ongoing cycle of opportunity that we get every day to continually prove ourselves to be among the best Sharp dealerships in the country for our customers.

For that we are extremely grateful to our customers, our staff, and to Sharp for their recognition.

"We are very proud of the Hyakuman Kai Dealer Award because we think these types of awards reflect the hard work of our staff and their dedication to ensuring that the experience for our customers is second to none. If we don't provide a superb experience for our customers then we don't make sales, we don't get referrals, we basically don't stay in business. So in our minds it starts and finishes with making our customers exceptionally happy, and that takes exceptional people who we know we have and who live and dream about our customers. This award validates that commitment so thank you Sharp!"

- Executive Vice-President, Douglas McCrae.

The Hyakuman Kai Dealer Award is presented annually to dealers that have demonstrated exceptional growth and leadership during the previous year. CIP Office Technology has been recognized from the hundreds of dealers that sell Sharp’s advanced business products and solutions in Canada as a standout experience for customers.

Plus, we've been so excited about being awarded the prestigious Hyakuman Kai Dealer Award that we almost forgot to mention that we've also been awarded the Sharp Gold Dealer Award for 2020! Thank you so much to our staff, customers, and to Sharp for the recognition.

Sharp Hyakuman Kai Award

Awarded to CIP Office Technology for demonstrating exceptional growth and leadership during the past year.

Sharp Gold Dealer Award

Oh ya, as it happens we've also been awarded the Sharp Gold Dealer award for 2020!