Sharp MFP Copier Security


  • Proven Protection For Your Data
  • Protect Against Physical Security Threats
  • Protect Against Network Security Threats
  • Sharp Security Suite
  • Industry Leading Security Standards

In today's tech-heavy office environments, security and protection of your critical information and data are paramount. We'll keep your MFP Copiers safe from vulnerabilities with Sharp Security.

Scanning. Printing. Copying. MFP Copiers not only make it easy to perform these functions from anywhere and share content across your network, they can also act as another layer of security for your IT environment - or a vulnerability.

As IT pros work harder than ever to secure data across the organization, its become clear that network MFP security is another critical consideration.

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what you get with the sharp mfp security suite

proven protection

As MFPs and printers become parts of organizations’ integrated document workflows and business processes, security becomes a serious concern.

Securely managing business and user data is critical for corporations to be successful. Sharp addresses these concerns by providing a suite of integrated security features designed to help protect your information and document assets.

Physical Threat Security

Typically, MFPs are located in areas accessible by multiple people. Unauthorized personnel can potentially access corporate networks when devices are not fully protected. In addition, any information stored on a local desktop computer or a server can be printed without authorization. Meanwhile, at the device, confidential information can be accidentally or even purposely copied from stored documents, taken from the output tray or faxed without authorization.

sharp security suite

Sharp helps IT administrators and organizations achieve optimal document security through the Sharp Security Suite.

The Sharp Security Suite is effective at helping prevent unauthorized access to your network and your most confidential information. Sharp MFPs utilize a multi-layered approach for protection—providing exceptional and extensive control over the users, devices, ports, protocols and applications that access Sharp MFPs on your network.

The Sharp Security Suite includes:

  • Sharp MFP standard security features
  • Sharp's Data Security Kit (Commercial and Common Criteria Certified versions)
  • Print driver security features
  • Sharp OSA technology-enabled security applications

Security for Private Sector

Sharp MFPs provide significant and robust control over information access, transmission and tracking to facilitate compliance with stringent mandates. This will mitigate risk and help avoid any penalties or lawsuits for noncompliance.

By implementing the Sharp Security Suite, Sharp MFPs can help banks and investment institutions meet the privacy requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act. Insurance and healthcare providers can maintain Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance with confidence. Businesses across all industries will benefit from the strict controls over financial information required under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

sharp mfp security

Security for Public Sector

Threats to government infrastructure are rapidly growing and the number of attacks continue to rise. On one hand, information sharing is critical for the efficiency of these organizations. On the other hand, security management is becoming more challenging for IT managers. Sharp can help your organization meet US government information security requirements through ISO 15408/Common Criteria certifications or features such as Common Access Card (CAC)/ Personal Identity Verification (PIV) authentication to maintain security clearance to protect classified data.

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As IT pros work harder than ever to secure data across the organization, its become clear that network MFP security is a critical consideration.

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