Just another reason why CIP leads the way!


jason buckYou may notice in Jason’s contact information that he requests text-only messages. Not that he wouldn't love to hear from all of you but there is a good reason for this. Jason is 100% deaf.

Born in Rural Saskatchewan, Jason's parents moved to Calgary when he was 5 so he could attend the School for the Deaf, which they felt would give him the best shot at a successful future.

As Jason grew older his interests turned to restoring muscle cars - his garage was always full of cars he was tinkering with; playing pool – a patience game of strategy that his father taught him at a young age; playing baseball - Jason was an integral part of a team that took home two Canadian deaf slo-pitch championships; and of course, computers / printers.

Yes the last one came out of nowhere and at first glance seems like it doesn't fit, but it's really where all of his other experiences from his hobbies comes to fruition. To be able to look at a machine with error lights flashing, paper jamming, ink spilling, and people waiting for it all to be fixed takes patience, you need the ability to take things apart and rebuild them again, as well as detailed strategies on how to come up with a solution in a limited amount of time. Jason has all of these skills and more!

As far as Jason's CIP history goes, he came aboard in 2006 as a service technician and quickly became a very integral part of our company.

He is Sharp, HP, and Lexmark certified, plus knows the in's and out's of every product we sell. Thus, when an opening came up as a Service Manager in 2016, we knew Jason had the ability, the leadership, and the experience to transfer directly into the position.

100% deaf and he was now in charge of his own team of skilled technicians and coworkers. Here is where the sports team experience gave him a leg up, and he has been an asset to the management team ever since.

On the personal front, Jason is a proud father of two – a step daughter, Jazmine, who is a newly graduated nurse; and a beautiful son Kellan, who is the epitome of strength and perseverance.

Jason's personal time is spent being an active part of Childhood Cancer Awareness fundraisers and events as his son, only a mere 8 years old, is a cancer survivor and warrior himself fighting through it for the last 4 years.

This love is shared with his wife of 11 years, Robin, who is also 100% deaf and also very successful in her personal and professional endeavors.

We are grateful Jason is apart of the CIP team.


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