Top Eight Reasons to Buy Local

As our economy and our lives adjust to a changed reality, this is an important time to consider our purchasing habits. To re-evaluate our standards in acquiring goods and services.

Buying local benefits everyone in our community in a positive and more self-reliant way. Supporting local business empowers our neighbors and ourselves to recover, grow and thrive.

Buying local matters – it keeps money and jobs flowing withing our community.

A recent Retail Merchants Association study shows that for every $1.00 spent at a locally based business $0.45 is reinvested and spent locally, while only $0.15 stays in the local community when you spend in a big box store, a far-away national brand or foreign owned corporation.

Think Global. Buy Local.

Think Global. Buy Local.

Here are 8 more reasons to buy local:

1. Stimulate local economy

Much more money stays here – local companies also support local business. They re-spend those dollars with the local printer, restaurant, insurance company, marketing company, coffee shop, legal firms – the list goes on and on. At CIP we insist that we engage with locally owned firms for exactly this reason.

2. Local non-profits receive greater support

Local businesses donate to local charities. It is just that simple. CIP has a Community Copier program that supports local non-profit organizations with a free copier so that they can use their precious financial resources for their good work and not for a copier lease.

3. Environmental impact is reduced

Local businesses travel less. Their carbon footprint is much smaller. They utilize less air travel, less transportation fuel and packaging.

4. Support local tax base

Really straight forward here – local businesses pay local taxes. Their employees pay local taxes. There is a large trickle-down effect. Local taxes support our local schools, city roads, parks, recreation, police, and fire departments.

5. Customer service is vastly superior

Decisions are made locally and always with a long-term customer retention and satisfaction viewpoint. At CIP we are always accessible. We don’t hide behind layers of bureaucracy and call center trees.

6. Most new jobs are provided by local businesses

Small and medium sized businesses are the largest employers in Canada.

7. Unique businesses create local community character, prosperity, and diversity

These factors contribute to our city’s overall happiness and citizen satisfaction. Calgary is consistently ranked high in all studies including the being ranked as the fifth most livable city by the Economist Magazine in 2019. CIP takes great pride in our character. We come to market in unique manner. Our showroom is conveniently located in the beltline. It is really a museum of culture and kitsch. Our office is populated with one-of a kind of antiques and signs. We invite you to visit us to see for yourself.

8. You matter more

You can exert your influence and vote with your wallet. Local businesses like CIP respond to your needs and concerns – immediately. When you deal with CIP – you never have to call 1-800 – I Don’t Care, then listen to a hold message and music for seemingly hours before finally speaking with someone that is not connected to you or your business in any way.

If you have a problem or concern – call us – a live local person will pick up the phone within 3 rings.

You want to talk to senior management ? My name is Douglas McCrae and my cell phone number is 1-403-614-1218. You can always contact me directly.

take the next step

Our ask – think globally – act locally. Call us or live chat with us – it will not cost you one cent more and certainly feels much better to get a superior customer service experience.