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Today's smart digital office workgroups are no longer restricted to outsourcing wide format printing needs to isolated print shops, thereby adding margin to the total cost of print, time to the total time to production, all while increasing the likliehood of mistakes at every step of the often unecessarily convoluted process.

Today, every smart office of any size can maintain wide format print capabilities in-house, on the same network that the rest of the print environment runs on.

Move from concept to drafts in record time without blowing the budget, then when you're ready, pump out that final wide format print in perfect condition just like the big print shops do, and for a fraction of the cost!

Our HP DesignJet wide format printers are exactly what any smart office needs, be it for marketing, architecture, construction, engineering, or some other critical business unit, we have a device that will fit your needs, reduce your print budget, and increase productitivity.

It's possible to have it all!

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