World’s First Certified Windows Collaboration Display

Original Article by Sunjoon Park,

Sharp Canada recently launched the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, a 4K Ultra HD display solution designed to improve teamwork by boosting collaboration and creating a comfortable work environment through built-in sensors. The 69.5-inch interactive display meets Microsoft’s specifications, including Skype for Business certification, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The solution combines Sharp’s award-winning touch technology and sensors with Microsoft Azure Digital Twin service, allowing the display to monitor meeting spaces and create ideal working environments by automatically changing conditions such as heating and lighting to suit the time of day and number of participants.

The advanced features are part of Microsoft’s vision to bring the intelligent cloud into the workplace leveraging a mix of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and productivity tools to create a productive environment.

The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp includes an integrated high-quality camera with a 4K sensor, a far-field microphone and speakers to give customers a high-quality audio and video experience, enabling them to instantly connect and collaborate. The display also uses Sharp’s Pen-on-Paper solution that offers an instant and accurate writing feel for digital markup on the display that feels similar to using a pen on paper.

The Windows collaboration display will ship in Canada in the coming months.


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